Westwood Cafe is a Restaurant on beautiful Green Lake

About Westwood Cafe

Westwood Cafe was opened by Scott West in 2000 and quickly has become a destination for families, friends, and the business world.

The complete menu of delicious items will bring you back for more and the friendly waitresses will welcome you with a smile.

Internet WIFI access is a new addition for Westwood Cafe allowing you to stay connected with your email, business, or just surfing the internet.

The West connection

West . . . a familiar family name in the Spicer and Willmar business communities, especially in the
restaurant business.

Bob and Joan West owned and operated the Fireside Inn on North Highway 71 in Willmar. The
Fireside Inn was a well-known and popular fine dining establishment.

In 1965, Bob and Joan came to Spicer and purchased the Hultgren Lodge on Green Lake. They razed it in 1966 and built the Westwood Inn, a supper club located on North Shore Drive by Green Lake.

The Westwood Inn became a very popular place for fine dining, banquets and parties. Katy Carlson was the first cook for the Westwood Inn. At Bob’s suggestion she made popovers, served with honey butter to accompany an evening dinner. The popovers became such a favorite that soon Katy was making six gallons of mix for just the Saturday evening patrons.

Another distinctive feature of the private club was the torchlit walkway, leading
from the Westwood Inn to beautiful Green Lake. It was visible from almost every shore and point on Green Lake.

The beauty of Green Lake certainly added to the attractive dining experience at the Westwood Inn. The Inn was noted for its view of Green Lake, two dining rooms and bar.

Sunday Brunch was very popular also. Spaghetti Night became a popular dining experience for the winter snowmobile enthusiasts, as well as those visiting throughout the year coming by car, boat, pontoons and even helicopters.

The West family name is still associated with the restaurant business, as son Scott West purchased this eating establishment in downtown Spicer. Formerly known as Safari, Scott changed the name to Westwood Cafe, as it is known today. Scott and Deb West and their daughter Samantha continue to keep the West name associated with a fine dining experience.

The City of Spicer is well known for the 4th of July celebration each year. The celebration, usually a four-day event, has been ongoing since 1887. Annually there is a morning 4th of July parade featuring floats, businesses, politicians, fun activities, and music. More than 10,000 attend the event each year.

Another Spicer feature is the Spicer WinterFest, held most winters depending on the weather. In 1987 two younger residents were inspired to build a Spicer Ice Castle on the shores of Green Lake. Gideon Doty and a friend, Mike Lint, came up with the idea, and along with other friends set out to build the ice structure. Gideon is a nephew of the Engwall Brothers. History shows that the Engwall Brothers harvested ice from Green Lake for their locker plant. They retired in 1971, but their ice harvesting equipment was kept intact.

So, Gideon and Mike resurrected the antique ice harvesting equipment, made some adjustments and improvements and cut ice blocks to build an ice castle. More than fifteen to twenty volunteers helped as the construction crew materialized, working not for money, but for fun. They built an ice castle that really put Spicer on the map. Since the first castle in 1987, many castles or other ice structures have been built at Saulsbury Beach on Green Lake.

Whatever the season, there are year-round activities in the Spicer area. Summer provides the excellent swimming beaches, fishing opportunities and an abundance of lakes for water sports. There is hometown hospitality at all the local stores including gift/specialty shops, antique stores and everything you need for recreation Enjoy your visit and your meal at Westwood Cafe in Spicer . . . and come back soon!


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